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As the founder and CEO of R&D Luxury, the company behind, David Wunderli, immersed himself in the Swiss horology sector almost 20 years ago. Not only did David enjoy tenure as CEO of a watch brand within an important watch group, but also, his enthusiasm and understanding of antique horology gave him the opportunity to collaborate with notable timepiece museums.

An innovative entrepreneur, David drew upon his passion and solid expertise to form a new luxury timepiece company in 2012 — R&D Luxury. Bringing his savoir-faire to the table, David’s enthusiasm and a keen understanding of haute horology, coupled with his solid business insights, his respect for traditional watchmaking, and his unequivocal support of technological advancements, paved the way for the formation of the compand and its proprietary website

In addition to David’s own monetary contribution to R&D Luxury, he has also raised capital and sourced investments from trusted friends and partners who share his passion for this groundbreaking horology project. Trustworthy partnerships and sound investments lay the solid economic foundation upon which R&D Luxury is built.

With his finger on the pulse of the watch industry and his ear close to the ground in the e-commerce space, David has managed to seize an extraordinary opportunity to offer his clients value-driven luxury watches delivered with the utmost convenience.


R&D Luxury is the first independent Swiss watchmaker that exclusively sells their exceptional creations online. This innovative strategy allows for their fine timepieces — including high complication models such as tourbillons — to be sold at price points never before seen within the Swiss watch industry. To accomplish this feat, there have been several important milestones within the short yet dynamic history of R&D Luxury.

In 2012, David Wunderli founded R&D Luxury in Geneva, Switzerland.  With its first timepiece collection, R&D Genève, the company began a small-scale offline sales operation. To complement their on-going sales efforts, R&D Luxury experimented with online sales through independent e-commerce platforms. As online sales grew rapidly, the company quickly realized there was opportunity to be had for a boutique Geneva-based watch manufacture to conduct the majority of their sales via the Internet.

The following year, the development of the new flying tourbillon timepiece, “Newton Genève,” began and it would be three years later, in 2016, that the final product was deemed perfect enough to be complete and ready for market.

In 2015, R&D Luxury purchased Jorg Hysek’s famed HD3 brand to add to the company’s portfolio of exceptional timepieces. In the same year, the company also took the decision to focus exclusively on online sales and began the creation of their own e-commerce platform.

After a year of planning, developing, and implementation, R&D Luxury proudly launches — a fully integrated e-commerce platform to sell their collection of luxury watches and mechanically complicated timepieces. To further uphold attractive prices for their Swiss-made high-end watches, R&D Luxury keeps its marketing and advertising efforts to a minimum, preferring instead to maintain direct contact with its clients.


While Switzerland is the heart of the fine watchmaking industry, Genève is its soul. The world’s most famous watch manufacturers are headquartered in Genève, allowing for a dynamic local industry with an intricate web of producers, suppliers, horology professionals, watchmakers, and other essential artisans of the trade. Each member of the industry contributes to and benefits from this picturesque city that is so intimately associated with the global haute horology market.

The most cherished profession within the watch space is, of course, the watchmaker, as he or she is not only responsible for producing integral components of mechanical movements, but also for hand-assembling each intricate mechanism to produce the final precious timekeeping instrument. The elite watchmakers of the world call Geneva their home, as it is the location where they can best apply and advance their craft.

Choosing to be based in Genève means that R&D Luxury has the brightest minds in the business and comprehensive details of the market right at its fingertips.


Geneva Timepieces' mission is to produce exceptional Swiss-made luxury watches for a broader audience.

Our main objective is to transcend the traditional circles of haute horology ownership to reach a wider clientele of fine watch enthusiasts who otherwise may not be able to afford an ultra luxurious wristwatch or high complication timepiece. Our ethos to be more inclusive is enabled by maintaining sensible prices while still preserving the ultimate quality, supreme precision, and desirable designs of our models. We strive to create luxury watchmaking works-of-art that can be more widely enjoyed and appreciated.


Geneva Timepieces is in a unique position to offer its clientele very attractive price points for its Swiss-made luxury watches and tourbillon timepieces. The company has made significant investments in Swiss manufacturing companies that were extensively used and validated by large Swiss haute horology brands. Being the proprietors of the technology enables Geneva Timepieces to present lower costs and, ultimately, higher value to their clients.

Why we choose to sell online

Setting Geneva Timepieces apart, the company has strategically opted to sell to its customers directly. Being free from the financial burden of having intermediaries, such as retailers and distributors, the company can pass enormous savings on to its customers, unheard of in the luxury timepiece business. In using this unparalleled approach, Geneva Timepieces can offer Swiss-made fine wristwatches and mechanically complicated timepieces at a fraction of the price of comparable models currently available in the market.

Why now

Because it’s all about timing. R&D Luxury is familiar enough with the watch market to know that the time to embark on the e-commerce journey is now. Today’s online market is primed to be fully taken advantage of by the right luxury watch manufacturer.

From a business perspective, the rate of online transactions — specifically in the luxury goods market — has grown exponentially and the future looks bright. According to McKinsey, online sales of luxury goods have grown at about 27 percent per year since 2009 — four times the rate of offline sales. They further expect that online sales of luxury goods will triple by 2025.

We wholeheartedly agree with Ariel Adams from when he said, “Today’s luxury consumers value the product more than the buying experience and look for an easy way to get the things they want.” To this we would also add, “at a fair price.”

These facts, coupled with the presence of strict legal regulations to guarantee safe conditions for online purchases create the perfect scenario for a fine watchmaker, such as R&D Luxury, to dedicate all efforts to e-commerce. R&D Luxury further enhances the attractive prices and convenience we extend to our clientele with valued benefits such as free shipping and convenient return policies for an even better consumer experience.

As more people are willing to spend more money online, R&D Luxury is in the position to offer high-end timepieces to those who appreciate fine watchmaking at prices that make sense. To provide an integrated consumer experience, the company will maintain a direct and meaningful relationship with its clients via the online store, social media channels, and email communications. Additionally, subscribers of R&D Luxury's Exclusive Space membership will enjoy exclusive and personalized offers and promotions. 

With the steady shift to a stronger online presence by leading brands within the haute horology industry, R&D Luxury is already positioned to meet the demands of the online luxury market — at just the right time.


Each and every one of the timepieces sold on is assembled by our local watchmaker according to the Swiss-made criteria. The Swiss-made label is found either on the case-back or on the dial of our watches.

The company’s location in Geneva, Switzerland, means that it remains a legitimate player in the local and global watch industry while preserving Swiss expertise.

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